Empowering Challengers with Talent & Productivity via MyReferrals & TFH; Workstreets 2.0

RaaS - Recruitment as a Service
100+ Corporate Clients Acquired and Serviced in last Decade
Over 3000 Technology Hiring Successfully Managed
Built Many Tech, Hiring & Ops Teams Ground Up over 18+ years
Hiring Monk Philosophy

Basic Values of Wisdom with Empathy


ROI for All: Every Stakeholder should Benefit


Innovate for Universal


Monetize Your Network

  • Over 80000 Candidates, converted in part to Refer Candidates
  • We Pay them a fixed referral Fee. Saves on Hiring Cost for Clients
  • Niche Whatsapp Groups for Nurturing Skill Based Network

Kaizen for Recruiting

  • Daily Twin Check-Ins (Align Optimise)
  • 7 Step Hunter Workflow
  • TRN Workshop
  • Revenue Map
  • R & R Programs (Deep Engagement)

Hunter Workflow

  • Direct Job Board Sourcing
  • Internal Data Base Referrals
  • Top 10 Job Sites Postings
  • LinkedIn + Git Hub Sourcing
  • Social Groups Referrals
  • Targeted Company Head Hunting
  • Public Private Networks (WA GH)

You will be in good Company

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